Dealing with the coronavirus

To keep as many classes going as possible we now offer the Covid-19% discount on all new courses. The course price for a full evening or day course is €360 and the conversation courses are €220.

Current Courses
Given the current situation with the coronavirus, we have decided to switch to online group classes only from March 17 onwards. We will use online software called Zoom for the online class environment. We are convinced this program offers an excellent alternative to our in-person lessons, and we will strive to make our online lessons as fun and interactive as we normally do. 

For now, no new field trips will take place. We will schedule replacement field trips as soon as the situation allows.

Future Courses
Updated March 24: The government has extended the measures against gatherings until June 1. At this point, it seems highly likely that we won’t be able to use our teaching locations until at least somewhere in June.

We believe that using online software Zoom we can create a worthy alternative classroom environment and we will proceed with our schedule as planned.

The field trips planned on April 18 and May 2 are canceled.

We are looking at organizing (online) workshops to offer some extra practice and learning opportunities.

Office Closed
Following the recommendation of the RIVM, our team is working from home until April 6. You can contact us through email at info or our phone number: 020 – 737 1616. Individual appointments can be made on request.