Dealing with the coronavirus

Updated September 14: Moving forward with Covid-19. As of September 2021, we will offer both in-person courses and online courses. All parts of the in-person course are offline and all parts of the online courses are online.

Courses Offline in September
Starting in September we will use our physical teaching location for all our Group Courses and our Open Days. We are confident that at that time we can use our classrooms again (with certain restrictions if still necessary). Our first offline Open Day will be on September 14, our Evening Courses start on September 21 with our Morning Courses starting a week later on September 28.

Also Online Courses in September
The situation over the past year has made clear to us that an Online Classroom Course can offer a worthy alternative to our previous standard use of the physical classroom. Given that you can follow the course without actually being in Amsterdam and it is possible to record (part of) the class we believe the online classes could be an interesting option for those who are located outside of Amsterdam or need to travel frequently. Of course, this could also be an interesting option for those who still have some Covid-19 hesitancies during the upcoming fall season. We will start offering Online Courses from September 27 onwards.

Online Course
We now offer an Online Evening Course in which we use Zoom to create a worthy alternative classroom environment. We are convinced this program offers an excellent alternative to our in-person lessons for those not located (near) Amsterdam or who prefer the flexibility of the online course. 

We organize online workshops instead of Field Trips to offer some extra practice and introduce interesting new topics.

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Office Team available on appointment
Our Office Team is back in the office, but only available on appointment. If you wish to stop by to ask your questions in person, you can contact us through email at info or our phone number: 020 – 737 1616.