Koentact has switched to online classes and it has been a fun digital ride!

It has been a month since Koentact decided to switch to the virtual classroom. We have learned a lot since then, from digital skills to social aspects. This is the story of last month at Koentact.

We started with a search for the right program to use in our online classes. That’s when we first heard about Zoom. In our first Zoom meeting, we tried out the different features and were happy to have found this. Soon after we had meetings with the teachers, to explain how they can use Zoom for their classes and to get familiar with this online ‘classroom’.

We learned a lot. About cameras and microphones, about (un)stable internet connections, but also about still having fun while learning Dutch online. Yes, it’s different, but we’re very happy to have this alternative so we can keep going! We also learned about breakout rooms, which makes it possible for teachers to make small groups in which students can practice. The teacher will stop by in every room to help and assist, which is like the offline classroom.

We have seen great things already. Students listening to Dutch songs together, having a beer at the end of their last class, letting their cat or dog join, classes playing Kahoot games, students who found out about the option of having a virtual background, and students celebrating receiving of their online certificate!

It hasn’t been easy, and it has been a huge change in a really short time, but we’re very proud to have found a way to keep students learning Dutch, the fun way.