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5 Fun and Engaging Games to Help You Learn Dutch!

Learning Dutch can be both fun and educational, especially when you incorporate games into your study routine. Here are five fantastic games that will help you improve your Dutch language skills while having a great time. 1. Nederlands Taalkwartet Do you ever wonder how to ask for directions in Dutch or how to order your …

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A DIY Field Trip through Amsterdam’s oldest area – by Marjan Ippel

Most Koentact students think of the field trip as the absolute highlight of their NT2 course.But as a Level B2+ (Deli3) student, you may have already taken four to six previous courses,thus exhausting the available field trips. Hence, my Deli3 group and I, their teacher, decide to create a DIY Field Trip. Student A suggests …

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How to learn Dutch when your office speaks English?

At Koentact we are known for our group courses but we also teach in-company courses at international companies. Learning Dutch whilst working in an English language office can be challenging, but attaining Dutch skills makes life in the Netherlands ever more enjoyable. Our founder Koen was asked for his take on learning Dutch in an …

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