Month: February 2022

Tips and tricks from student Zuzanna

In between jobs When this interview took place, our student Zuzanna “Zuza” (bijna 27 jaar jong, in Nederland sinds juni 2018, super energiek en lief, afkomstig uit Lodz, Polen, Insta: @zuzathezorro) got fired a few days before. However, Zuza probably does not have to wait a long time to get a new job… Our interview got interrupted after a few minutes by a recruiter calling …

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Kim’s Amsterdam tips

Hoi! Ik ben Kim en ik werk bij Koentact. Ik ben private program en content coordinator, maar ook eengeboren en getogen (born and raised) in Amsterdam, and I’d love to share some of my favoriteAmsterdam tips with you. Voting Did you know that a lot of internationals can also vote (stemmen) for theAmsterdam municipal elections …

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