Month: October 2016

The Koentact Way

The Koentact way, what is it and why should I care? Let us explain. The language school Koentact is a language school for internationals in the Netherlands who cannot wait to learn Dutch. Located in the center of Amsterdam, we welcome them and make them feel at home.  Learning a new language is difficult enough, …

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Video: How to survive Dutch service

We did it again! A couple of months ago, we made another video together with the Amsterdam Shallow Man. This time we tell you how to survive Dutch service, which can be quite hard at times. Watch the video to find out how to deal with the most common responses when requesting service in the Netherlands like: …

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Hallo, welkom!

Welcome to the Koentact Blog, a place where we will give you updates on our language courses, reviews from our field trips and everything else which has something to do with Koentact. We will also sneak some Dutch words and phrases into the blogs, so you might even end up learning something. Koentact has always …

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