The Koentact Way

The Koentact way, what is it and why should I care? Let us explain.

The language school

Koentact is a language school for internationals in the Netherlands who cannot wait to learn Dutch. Located in the center of Amsterdam, we welcome them and make them feel at home.  Learning a new language is difficult enough, which is why we choose to do it in an interactive and fun way: the Koentact way. We do not only teach you the Dutch language, but also its culture.

The field trips

We notice that our students get motivated by applying things they learned in the lessons during our field trips. We take you out of the classroom and into the streets of our beloved capital. Every field trip is hosted by someone with a certain passion, like cooking, photography or sports. You will be in contact with real Dutchies, and will have to practice your skills during the day. Dat wil je niet missen!*

The Koentact team

The Koentact team consists of five young professionals and a whole bunch of motivated teachers. Our teachers are there to engage you during the classes, and they are always open for questions and suggestions. If you prefer more one-on-one time with a teacher you can follow a private course, where the teacher will tailor the classes to your specific wishes.

The open days

Our open days are perfect if you want to get to know the team, see how we work and experience a free trial lesson. Our team will also be ready to assess your Dutch language skills, to see which course level is the best fit for you. During the day we are happy to answer all your questions and get to know you a little better.

That’s it! All these elements make our language school special and contribute to our fun way of teaching.

Hope to see you soon,
The Koentact team.

*You don’t want to miss this!