At Koentact we believe that every person has a beautiful language, culture and life story of his own to share. This way, newcomers can learn from locals and the other way around. Our goal is to connect people and let them share their stories through our language and culture experiences.

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Learning the local language

When foreign students or immigrants decide to learn Dutch, they generally do so to feel more at home here, both personally and professionally. This ‘feeling at home’ can best be achieved by discovering non-tourist locations in the city and meeting local people to learn about the different cultural habits. Of course, it’s also just plain fun to interact with other expats, who have had similar experiences abroad. At Koentact, we believe that our way of teaching Dutch will change the way you think and feel about the Netherlands.

Language learning as your hobby

Learning a language should be fun! After a hard day’s work the last thing you want to do is learn a language from a dull grammar book. However, if you go to a class, knowing that you can apply your Dutch lessons during a fun, out-of-the-classroom field trip that will help you discover your city, meet local people, and have fun with your international classmates, you will be much more motivated. One of our students said in her survey: ‘You guys make learning Dutch a hobby!’ Another student said: ‘I met so many nice new people; it was like reliving my Erasmus programme.’ This is exactly what Koentact is all about!