The diversity of the conversational partners, the subjects and the alternation between theoretical lessons and the practical lessons absolutely pleased me. The combination of these ingredients with the philosophy to do ‘everything in Dutch’ is a successful and effective cocktail. Of course work needs to be done, but still there is a lot of fun and satisfaction while learning language and culture.
Christophe Boucher, VP Cargo | Air France KLM

Thanks to the courses I took at Koentact I was well prepared for my move. The courses not only helped me gain language skills in a fun, motivating way, they also helped me understand key cultural differences – and how to deal with them.
Derk Timmer, Senior Research Analyst at a leading consultancy firm

Last year I followed a private Dutch course with one of Koentact’s teachers. I was very satisfied with the teaching method, the affluence of the course material and the willingness of the teacher to really listen to what I wanted to learn. Every lesson, the teacher succeeded to motivate me and to arouse my enthusiasm to learn more.
Hugues Denisot, Course Director / French Institute | French Foreign Affairs

A trial Lesson convinced us (Air France KLM) to work with Koentact. The teacher was dynamic and used an educational method which included various media (audio, video, online language commands). The lesson was structured and well adapted to our needs. Our progress is noticeable and we are very pleased with the results of the course.
Fabien Violet, Inventory Analyst | Air France KLM

Friendly, informal and accelerated learning in a safe environment.
Patricia Hogan / Scotland

I really like the atmosphere of the school and the friendly and informal staff. In just six weeks my Dutch has improved to the point that I feel comfortable speaking to people on the street.
Siri Venning / Sweden

I have found the lessons very helpful with day to day life and can now understand a lot more because of the lessons.
Natalie Wilson / England

Nice school with very nice people, gezellig!
Valeria Tantari / Italy

A fun learning environment with great out of the class activities that promote a practical learning experience. The teachers are fantastic and go beyond the call of duty to make learning easy. I would recommend this language school to all expats!
Ameet Sarvaiya / India

I greatly enjoyed the relaxed but fun at the same time productive setting of the class. I loved the friendly and interactive atmosphere and the lessons gave me a lot of confidence to speak Dutch.
Galina Korshunova / Canada

Koentact has a steady method of teaching, completed by tailor made learning programs. Four months period of standard evening lessons, and a private intensive one week full time course, has enabled me to achieve a conversational level of Dutch and the start-up of speaking Dutch at my work, which is essential for local carrier development and social integration in the Netherlands.
Gyongyi Paulicska, Europe Area Key Account Manager | KLM

Given my interest for foreign cultures, I am happy to have chosen Koentact. The young and ambitious teachers here make it easy to learn the Dutch language and, at the same time, get accustomed to the Dutch way of being. All students here get to learn the language AND have fun, through field trips and meetings with native speakers.
Victor Manoliu/ Romania

I had a great experience at Koentact and was able to make a lot of progress in only a few weeks. More than mere academical teaching, the lessons are very lively, adapted to our needs (which is enjoyable after a long working day) and are helping to integrate you in the Dutch culture (in particular with the field trip lessons which provide a lot of interaction with Dutch people in real life outside any classroom).
Julien Dormart / France

Koentact is not only a language school, but also a cultural and social institute. Field trips are part of the learning and entertainment program, which makes students part of Koentact, and step by step, part of the Netherlands too. Koentact enables people to really learn Dutch, which is a quite difficult language and specially challenging to learn, due to overall presence of English.
Gyongyi Paulicska, Europe Area Key Account Manager | KLM

The unique teaching concept of Koentact, in which students connect, participate and are challenged while participating in the process of learning a new language, matches our current economical situation, the one of The Challenge Economy, perfectly. A beautiful concept!
Herman Lier MM, Lecturer and Consultant in Marketing, author of the book ‘The Challenge Economy’

I am a fan of learning languages, having tried many different lessons for this reason, and Koentact has been a real surprise in this sense. To be honest, the thing I liked the most are the Field Trips. Indeed, Koentact stands out for the interactivity and originality of the method used. Not only the teacher was very motivating and dynamic but also the books and slides they use are completely different to what I have seen before. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable experience and far from all what I’ve experienced before when trying to learn a language. I am really looking forward to another course with them!
Daniel G. Ríos / Computer Systems Engineer / UPC

I asked Koentact for a very specific request, gathering all types of constraints. Koentact built up, in a very limited period of time, a “taylor made” solution, for one of my colleagues, that totally matches our needs, yet at a fair rate. I, then, unreservedly recommend Koentact to anybody wishing to learn Dutch language and culture, whatever their starting level is, and whatever their objectives are.
Priscilla Tuchmuntz-Lahitte / Air France Cargo Training Director | Air France KLM

I followed both English and Dutch private lessons at Koentact. I wanted to do more than just learning a bit of Dutch and English. By following private lessons at Koentact I was aiming on getting used to the Netherlands, its inhabitants, the Dutch culture and the daily life. Koentact has helped me a lot during my first steps in the Netherlands. I really appreciated how the teachers found the right balance between formal and informal lessons. Koentact combined regular lessons with a real life experience in the city and it was great to get touch with the population, culture and language. I absolutely feel more at home now. Bedankt Koentact!
Claire Chopelin / France