Mutual expectations

At Koentact we take great pride in our concept. We believe that our interactive approach brings out the best in people – teachers and students alike. Our international social network is built on passion, motivation and dedication.

In order to maintain such a great intercultural community we urge our teachers and students to bring their enthusiasm to the work floor. Only then we have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.


Our teaching team is composed of enthusiastic language and culture specialists. Our teachers are carefully selected and will make sure you are fully engaged at all times.

Our teachers are always happy to teach their students exactly what they wish to learn.

Our teachers are available by email for feedback and any questions concerning the teaching materials. In addition, you can reach our Koentact Office Team through for any questions about the schedules and any feedback you may have concerning the course and teachers.


At Koentact, new students are always encouraged to tell their teachers why they wish to learn a new language (and to tell them their hobbies, interests and how they would like to apply their newly-gained knowledge) and bring any questions they might have to the lessons.

We expect you to attend all classes. If you are unable to follow a certain class, your teacher will send you the PowerPoint and will inform you about the homework.

Preparation of each class takes approximately 1 hour, depending on your level and energy level during the class itself.

General terms and conditions

These can be found on our website and we can send them to you upon request.

Extra material and useful websites

For extra material additional to your book you can either go to (Dutch Experience 1, 2, 3) or (Dutch Challenge 1, 2, 3). You can login with the code on the first page of your book. On these websites you can find all kinds of extra exercises that fit in with the content of your course.

We have uploaded vocabulary lists from Nederlands in gang on On this website you can test your knowledge of Dutch in a lot of different ways. It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary and to improve your spelling of Dutch words. There is even a WRTS app for Iphone.

For additional information about different grammar topics you can visit Here you will find clear answers to a lot of grammatical questions about the Dutch language. Moreover there is an audio section of podcasts with subs in English to familiarize you with the sound of Dutch.

On the website you will see a different Dutch word with a clear explanation every day. You can even sign up for the mailing list in order to learn at least one new word per day.


At the end of your course we kindly request you to fill in an online survey. If at any time you have urgent feedback about your teacher, the contents of the course or any other matters concerning your course, you can contact us through