Tips and tricks from student Zuzanna

In between jobs

When this interview took place, our student Zuzanna “Zuza” (bijna 27 jaar jong, in Nederland sinds juni 2018, super energiek en lief, afkomstig uit Lodz, Polen, Insta: @zuzathezorro) got fired a few days before. However, Zuza probably does not have to wait a long time to get a new job… Our interview got interrupted after a few minutes by a recruiter calling her with a new job offer. This was the 8th time she got contacted in a few days. Apparently, if you are a technical person and a biomedical engineer in medical devices you have “de banen voor het uitkiezen!” (you can choose whatever job you want). 


The second question the recruiter asked was: “How good is your Dutch?” Zuza answered: “Ik spreek vloeiend Nederlands op een B2-niveau. Als je wil kunnen we ons gesprek ook in het Nederlands voeren.” The Dutch recruiter continued in English (as most Dutchies do…) and said: “Ok. good to know that you speak Dutch well.” (So maybe all of you have to learn this sentence by heart 😉 red.) 

Zuza continued the job interview in the coolest way I have ever seen. She answered “OK. Cool.” every time the recruiter gave an answer to her liking. So let’s hope she will get the job! 

Previous work

It has not always been easy for Zuza, because her first job in Amsterdam was at a startup (with a very low salary) and she had to do cleaning work in the evenings to have some spare money for going out. At her second job she did not get a new contract due to Covid and her third job had a “dinosaur atmosphere”, the average age of her colleagues was 50+. So she hopes that this job will be the one. 

Learning Dutch

When we asked her how she learned Dutch, she said: “Koentact! Koentact! Koentact!” But quite soon after that she said: register at Bumble at the BFF (best (female) friend) section, not for dating, but for making friends and choose a Dutchie to become friends with! We do barbeques, we help each other move houses and share what real friends share (and I can improve my Dutch!). On the dating part of Bumble she met her new boyfriend. But he is from Italy, so unfortunately no Dutch practice there…