What to know about Koningsdag

This Saturday Amsterdam will turn orange. On April 27 we celebrate Koningsdag, the birthday of our king, and there’s no way you will not know about it. Here’s why:

A typical activity on Koningsdag is the vrijmarkt (free market), which means that everyone will look for hidden treasures in the attic that will not be missed and could make some money at the same time. You will be able to buy anything, from anyone. If you’re into treasure hunting this day will be of great value as you will find people on dekentjes everywhere!

If you’re more into partying there will be enough options for you as well. There will be music at every corner, pubs will have never ending terraces and expensive toilet prices and there are many festivals as well. Please make sure to get yourself a ticket for such a festival, as they always sell out!

If you’re into the royal house you should totally go to Amersfoort, a city in the province Utrecht. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will visit the city with their 3 adorable kids and have an interactive walk through the city center.

Going there (or anywhere, really) by train on this day is quite memorable as well. You will never see as many people singing, dressed in orange, with Dutch flag marks on their cheeks. If Amersfoort is too far for you, turn on the tv. You will see them then as well. ?

Last, but not least, you should know about the night before Koningsdag, known as Koningsnacht. Because, why would you wait until April 27 to celebrate the King’s birthday? If you start on the 26th already, you will be ready once the clock hits 12! There are many places to go, look out for the color orange and you’ll be fine!

So, what you need to prepare yourself:

  • Anything orange
  • Dutch flag face paint
  • Something warm, because the weather is always colder than expected
  • Enough money for all those expensive restroom visits
  • A free Sunday to recover