The Amsterdam Language Café

Many of you may know this event by now, but for the ones of you who don’t: we introduce the Amsterdam Language Café (or the ALC, to keep things simple).

Three years ago the ALC saw the light because we wanted to create a fun event with a relaxed atmosphere where our students could meet others and practice their Dutch. After a while we noticed that other internationals in Amsterdam were interested in joining, so we changed the idea a bit: the ALC is now an event where every Dutch international can come and practice any language they want.

The event mostly takes place on a Friday, and always has a different theme. The themes are diverse and every ALC has a different atmosphere. We once did a potluck edition and during Summer we sometimes change the event location to the Vondelpark!

“I joined the ALC a few weeks ago. The location of the event was right next to the Foodhallen, so I was able to grab some quick dinner first. At the event I met some interesting people and participated in a Rock’n’Roll dance class, which was so much fun. I will definitely go another time.” – Eva

To keep informed ALC events like the Facebook page, and always remember: “Learning a new language is the best excuse to meet new people!”

When: most Fridays from 19:00 – 23:00
Where: Hannie Dankbaarpassage 10 (in the same building as the Foodhallen)
Entrance fee: Free, but a small donation of €3 for our Language Charity Project is appreciated

Hope to see you there,
The Koentact team.