Teacher workshops

How many teachers have you had in your life that simply told you to open your book at page ‘x’, make exercise ‘y’ and then checked the answers with you? At least one, if not more than one, right? For teachers, it is very easy to fall into the routine of doing things the “simple” way.

Koentact believes in teaching Dutch the fun way, and to make sure of that Koentact organizes teacher workshops that keep the teachers on their toes, constantly considering the quality of their lessons. This year alone we have 8 workshops!

We address different, fun topics such as ‘drama in the classroom’. No, I don’t mean those two students in your group who had an argument about Dutch grammar. Teacher Naima taught us how to use elements of dramatic play in the lessons.

The workshops help us to maintain a happy, healthy and knowledgeable teaching staff. That way we ensure that our lessons remain fun and interactive while also being educational. Teaching Dutch the fun way!