The first step

On how many occasions in your life did you feel reluctant to take the first step?

It might have been asking that colleague out on a date. Or eating a grasshopper for the first time (spoiler alert: tastes like nuts, not like chicken). Going to the gym with your winter chubby-chops. Picking up the phone after ignoring your *fill in the blanks* calls for way-too-long-and-you-know-it?

Students often tell us, that taking the first step to start learning Dutch is a biggie. And then the next hurdle, to actually put the theory into practice with ‘real Dutchies in the wild’, is even more daunting.

At Koentact, we figured out a few things to make your life easier. For starters, we organise an Open Evening every six weeks. You get to follow a free Dutch trial lesson, by a trained true Dutchie. During this beginner level introduction, you practise your first Dutch conversation with your peers.

Part of our actual Dutch language courses is to take this conversation out of your “classroom box”. We do so twice every course, during our Field Trips. Under the guidance of your teacher, it’s a matter of “let’s take it outside”. Meanwhile, you get to explore Amsterdam and learn about its history and hidden gems.

And those peers? They may just become your newest best friends.

So ask that colleague. Eat the hopper. Work-out. Learn Dutch. And call your mother, for f*ck sake.