Dutch Experience 3: Elementary Plus. Proficiency level after completing Dutch course: A2-

In order to join the Dutch Experience 3 course, you have to be able to interact in a simple way, provided the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help out. You can participate in basic Dutch conversations while shopping, about your home or visiting the doctor. You can tell an uncomplicated story, talk about your past and write a simple email and/or letter. Grammatical proficiency: you are comfortable using the present and perfectum past tense.

After completing Dutch Experience 3 you are able to …
• have your bike repaired at the bicycle repair shop and explain what is wrong with it
• talk about situations in the past such as what you/your life used to be like (e.g. ‘Vroeger ging ik altijd naar Frankrijk op vakantie.’)
• describe your job, education, and hobbies, and enquire after other people’s job, education and hobbies.
• congratulate someone on their birthday, their new job, their new home, etc.
• ask for and give directions
• express your opinion briefly and enquire after the other people’s opinions
• make small talk or chitchat
• make a promise

After completing Dutch Experience 3 you know…
• how to use the imperfectum past tense.
• vocabulary regarding the following themes: bikes, jobs, education & hobbies, public transport, maps, and directions.
• Dutch customs regarding public transport, small talk, and visiting friends.

The chapters that are covered in this course are ‘Nederlands in Gang’ chapter 10 through 13.

After completing Dutch Experience 3 your level of Dutch is A2- according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).