Dutch Deli 3: Vantage / Advanced. Proficiency level after completing Dutch Course: B2+

In order to join the course of Dutch Deli 3, you need to preferably use Dutch on a daily basis. Sounding more and more like a native speaker, you speak and write Dutch at work, in the street, and in your free time. You enjoy using idiomatic expressions to spice up your Dutch, can explain why the Dutch do things differently, and are able to give a presentation and write an essay on both familiar and new topics.

After completing Dutch Deli 3 you are able to …

  • remind someone of promises they made before 
  • use one or more idiomatic expression(s) in complex sentences like ‘Het baart me zorgen dat fietsende kinderen worden blootgesteld aan onveilige verkeerssituaties.’
  • advise people on social / political / personal / ideological matters, like a more sustainable lifestyle
  • debate about a political / news-related topic
  • speak, listen to, read, and write Dutch at an academic level

After completing Dutch Deli 3 you know … 

  • the difference between moeten/ hoeven and kennen/weten better.
  • you master ‘er’, ‘daar’ and ‘hier’ combined with prepositions
  • all about separable verbs combined with a fixed preposition, with and without ‘er’, like ‘Ik kijk al dagen uit naar het feest’ or ‘Ik kijk er al dagen naar uit’
  • all about separable verbs combined with a preposition and reflexive pronoun with and without ‘er, like ‘Ik bereid me op het examen voor’ en ‘Ik bereid me er grondig op voor’
  • • how to combine the perfectum with modal verbs

The chapters that are covered in this course are ‘Nederlands op Niveau’ chapters 5 (parts of) and 6 along with reviewing some of chapter 1-4.

After completing Dutch Deli 3 your level of Dutch is B2+ according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).