Dutch Deli 1: Vantage / Intermediate. Proficiency level after completing Dutch Course: B2-

In order to join the course of Dutch Deli 1, you need to be able to discuss your own and other people’s feelings and relationships, using idiomatic expressions and structures like “He tells many jokes that make her laugh her head off.” You have started to use constructions like “with whom”, “in which” and the magic word ‘er’ in daily life. You can discuss economics, statistics and money matters and you understand newspaper articles in which passive sentences are used. You know some basics about famous Dutch artworks and can give a presentation about your favorite Dutch painting or book.

After completing Dutch Deli 1 you are able to …

  • describe a person’s positive characteristics
  • tell people about your hero
  • compliment people on their actions/appearance
  • react spontaneously in a positive or negative way
  • make small talk with people (to avoid awkward silences)
  • give your opinion on (unwritten) cultural rules
  • express your negative feelings using strong language
  • discuss social/political issues like gender roles
  • use complex idiomatic expressions like ‘te allen tijde’
  • understand and participate in a debate about a social/political issue
  •  use ‘structure words’ that help your readers/audience of your essays or presentations

After completing Dutch Deli 1 you know …

  • all about a change in word order when using words like ‘doordat’ as opposed to ‘daardoor’
  • all about word order in complex sentences with conjunctions like ‘aangezien’ and ‘tenzij’
  • how to describe things/people/places by using relative subclauses
  • how to use modal verbs in passive sentences
  • how to use ‘er’ in (passive) sentences
  • how to combine ‘er’ with verbs and prepositions

The chapters that are covered in this course are ‘Nederlands op Niveau’ chapter 1 through 3.

After completing Dutch Deli 1 your level of Dutch is B2- according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).