Dutch Challenge 2: Upper-intermediate. Proficiency level after completing Dutch course: B1

In order to join the Dutch Challenge 2 course, you should be able to understand Dutch sentences and frequently-used Dutch expressions related to immediately relevant topics (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). You can give a presentation about a hobby or interest. You can present your point of view on a non-complex topic and can read the newspaper or watch a simple Dutch television show.

After completing Dutch Challenge 2 you are able to …
• participate in a discussion about more complicated topics that are related to your own interests
• understand more complicated texts like research reports or newspaper articles about topics that are related to your own interest, and summarize main points
• understand talk shows on tv and radio about topics that are related to your own interests
• write a piece expressing your opinion about a social or personal topic that is related to your own interests, like education, politics, relationships, etc.
• write a short story in Dutch
• get in contact with people or organizations that take your interest
• make appropriate excuses if you are not interested in someone or something

After completing Dutch Challenge 2 you know …
• the rules for grammatical topics like separable verbs in all tenses, how to use the word ‘er’, how to use sentences like “The man that walks over there is very famous.” or ‘The girl I met yesterday, is going away tomorrow to a country that I have never been to.”
• vocabulary regarding the following themes: education, politics, Dutch habits, relationships, dating.

The chapters that are covered in this course are ‘Nederlands in Actie’ chapter 3 (starting from page 97) through 5.

After completing Dutch Experience 1 your level of Dutch is B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).