Dutch Advanced Conversation: Conversational Skills at B1 level – Proficiency level after completing Dutch course: B1+

To be able to join the Advanced Conversation course, you need to have a well-rounded vocabulary that includes topics such as work, holidays & travel, education, feelings, economics, and art & literature. You are able to use this vocabulary to express your own thoughts and experiences about these topics and inquire after others’ experiences, discuss them a bit more in-depth and respond appropriately in a discussion.

Grammatical proficiency: you know your past tenses, reflexive and separable verbs, relative pronouns, passive voice, ‘er’, and use subordinate clauses (with ‘omdat’ or ‘als’), all with some room for errors.

In Advanced Conversation, we are going to expand your conversational B1 level skills. This course will help you feel more confident using B1 grammar and it’s fun because lessons are completely focused on conversations, discussions, arguments, opinions, etc. while recapping some important grammar topics.

After completing the Advanced Conversation course are able to…
• talk about the history of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and your own country.
• talk about work life in the Netherlands.
• talk about the environment and how to contribute to a better environment.
• talk about eating out in the Netherlands compared to your country.
• use more Dutch expressions.
• better use ‘er’, relative clauses, subordinate clauses, passive voice, zou/zouden and reported speech to talk about the above topics.

After the course, you will feel confident in more abstract and complex conversations and discussions. You will be better able to express your opinions and thoughts about more abstract ideas.

There is no book for this course, the expected known grammar is on level B1 (for example you completed ‘Nederlands in Actie’).

After completing the Advanced Conversation course your Dutch level will be B1+ according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).