Dutch Experience 1: Absolute Beginners. Proficiency level after completing Dutch course: A1-

In order to join the course of Dutch Experience 1, you need to have a very basic knowledge of Dutch at most. This course level is also accessible if you don’t speak any Dutch yet! You cannot form full sentences yet, and you still need to learn the very basics of Dutch grammar.

After completing Dutch Experience 1 you are able to …
• introduce yourself and others in Dutch
• start a conversation in Dutch
• ask and answer questions about yourself and others, such as where you live, where you are from, people you know
• talk about your favourite movie, book or food
• describe your family and friends
• make an appointment with a friend
• order something at a bar
• buy something at a market
• talk about eating and drinking habits
• count and spell in Dutch

After completing Dutch Experience 1 you know …
• how to use the present verb tense In Dutch
• basic vocabulary regarding the following themes: countries, languages, nationalities, drinks, family, looks, time, days, months, seasons
• about Dutch customs with regards to making an appointment, cafés and eating/drinking

The chapters that are covered in this course are ‘Nederlands in Gang’ chapter 1 through 5.

After completing Dutch Experience 1 your level of Dutch is A1- according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).