Dutch Intermediate Conversation: Conversational Skills at A2 level – Proficiency level after completing Dutch course: A2+

To be able to join the Intermediate Conversation course, you need to have a well-rounded basic vocabulary: you can describe what you did and have done, you can go shopping in Dutch and have simple discussions, presenting your arguments. You can communicate clearly on family, hobbies, past experiences and take part in routine conversations.

Grammatical proficiency: you know your past tenses, reflexive and separable verbs and you are starting to use subordinate phrases (with conjunctions).

In Intermediate Conversation, we are going to expand your conversational A2 level skills. This course will help you feel more confident using the A2 grammar and it’s fun because lessons are completely focused on conversations, discussions, competitions, arguments, opinions etc. while recapping the grammar in short.

After completing the Intermediate Conversation course you know…

• how to use more complicated sentences in Dutch (subordinate phrases, using words like because, while, even though, afterward, as soon as, if, etc.)
• how to use the past tense correctly
• how to use ‘zullen’, ‘gaan’ and the present tense to talk about the future
• use the negation ‘niet or ‘geen’ correctly
• are more confident using separable verbs and subordinate phrases
• you feel confident in easy conversations, discussions, competitions, arguments, and opinions

There is no book for this course, the expected known grammar is on level A2 (for example you completed ‘Nederlands in Gang’).

After completing the Intermediate Conversation course your Dutch level will be A2+ according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).