Dutch Experience 4: Pre-intermediate. Proficiency level after completing Dutch course: A2

In order to join Dutch Experience 4, you need to be able to interact in a simple way and keep the conversation going with help. You can participate in basic Dutch conversations relating to being helped at the bike shop, asking for and giving directions, talking about your job and education, expressing your opinion and making small talk. Grammatical proficiency: you are comfortable using the present tense, perfectum (‘Ik heb dit weekend mijn huiswerk gedaan.’) and imperfectum past tense (‘Vroeger ging ik altijd op vakantie naar Frankrijk.’).

After completing Dutch Experience 4 you are able to …
• talk about sports
• politely ask for information
• talk about your plans for the rest of the day, for tomorrow, for the rest of the week and in the far future
• enquire after the other people’s future plans
• ask and give advice
• go to the cinema (buy a ticket, understand and give information about the movies)
• talk about a trip or your travels
• describe what you see
• describe what someone is doing
• talk about your daily routine
• write a postcard from your holiday address
• make a phone call

After completing Dutch Experience 4 you know…
• how to use more complicated sentences in Dutch (subordinate phrases, using words like because, while, even though, afterward, as soon as, if, etc.).
• how to use ‘zullen’, ‘gaan’ and the present tense to talk about the future.
• vocabulary regarding the following themes: landscape, cinema, at the gym, on the train, daily routines at home.
• about Dutch customs regarding sports, going to the cinema and daily life at home.

The chapters that are covered in this course are ‘Nederlands in Gang’ chapter 14 through 18.

After completing Dutch Experience 4 your Dutch level will be A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).