Dutch Deli 2: Vantage / Upper-Intermediate. Proficiency level after completing Dutch Course: B2

In order to join the course of Dutch Deli 2, you need to preferably use Dutch on a daily basis. You speak and write Dutch at work, in the street, and in your free time. You have taken up using idiomatic expressions to spice up your Dutch and are able to give a presentation and write an essay on a topic of your (work-related) interest.

After completing Dutch Deli 2 you are able to:

  • discuss (inter)national cultural differences, stereotypes, and integration issues
  • describe statistical figures like charts, diagrams, and graphs
  • discuss social/academic/political statements, using multiple arguments and ‘structure words’
  • talk about what would happen if a situation were different  (‘Wat zou je doen als …?’)
  • talk about things that didn’t happen in the past and their imaginary results (3rd conditional in English) 
  • talk about inventions and their function (with relative pronouns)
  • discuss books you read that are special to you and why 

After completing Dutch Deli 2 you know:

  • how to use ‘er’ referring forward to a subclause (‘Ik houd ervan dat Amsterdammers veel fietsen
  • the proper past tense for every occasion
  • how to talk about events in the past that happened before another event in the past (plusquamperfectum)
  • the difference between the conjunctions toen/nadat/als/wanneer and their effect on verb tenses
  • how to use ‘zou(den)’ for imaginary situations, rumors and advising people
  • more new vocab and idiomatic expressions like ‘fatsoenlijk’ and ‘ tot stand komen’
  • everything about relative pronouns like ‘dat, ‘wat’, ‘die’, ‘op wie’ and ‘waarmee’
  • the difference between alleen/maar/enige and iedereen/allemaal/alle

The chapters that are covered in this course are ‘Nederlands op Niveau’ chapters 4 and 5 (parts of).

After completing Dutch Deli 2 your level of Dutch is B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).